Peet's Coffee vs Starbucks Coffee

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Bottom line: Each stores have differences, but both stores are more about the store experience than quality of coffee (in comparison to privately-owned coffee stores).

Note: "Burnt coffee" is commonly talked about by people, but this is due to the fact that baristas (both stores) sometimes do not clean the urn properly. Otherwise, their coffees actually taste very clean, medium-bodied, and mildly sweet.

Starbucks Coffee[edit]

- Free Wifi.

- Maybe this depends on location? I've only visited stores in Europe, and there you get a (free) code for 1 hour.

- Many, many store locations: generally leads to hit-or-miss in customer service for baristas.

- Sells brewing items, but more accessories/merchandise.

- Generally have/known for specialized drinks (caramel macchiatos, seasonal drinks, frappuccinos).

- Offers Starbucks Rewards (free birthday drinks, free coffee/tea refills, free drinks every 15 purchases).

- Decent selection of tea by Tazo (acquired by Starbucks).

- Flagship coffee beans is Pike's Place Roast.

Peet's Coffee[edit]

- Uses a code to log onto the Wifi, and for a limited time.

- Few store locations: baristas are generally more enthusiastic about coffee.

- Sells accessories, but slightly more brewing accessories.

- Generally have/known for espresso drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, etc).

- Wider selection of tea.

- Flagship coffee beans is Major Dickason's Blend.