Autohotkey vs AutoIt v3

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Autohotkey and AutoIt v3 are scripting languages for Windows.

AutoIt and Autohotkey were created as open source software, and both are currently freeware. AutoIT is no longer open source.

Before AutoHotKey existed, AutoIT v3 was open source. According to the AHK help file, AutoHotKey adapted source code from AutoIT v3 such as Window Spy and the script compiler. When Autohotkey launched, disagreement happened between the creators of AutoIt and Autohotkey because Autohotkey placed advertisements on Google that directly targeted AutoIt v3 searches and displayed Autohotkey as a "sponsored link" ad for Autohotkey app. This included posts on the AutoIt forum that the Autohotkey creator posted with link to his software. Shortly afterwards, a new version of AutoIt was released as closed source.


Both languages are interpreted languages. Both allow the developer to create simple Graphical User Interfaces. Both allow the developer to simulate key strokes and mouse clicks, and provide functions for switching from one window to another. They are useful for scripting which requires interaction with more than one application, or for scripting with application that don't have a built-in scripting capability. Both languages allow the copying and deletion of files, and can be used to create and edit text files (including CSV, html, and other specialized types of text files).

Support and Community[edit]

Autohotkey and AutoIt both have help files, forums and online documentation.

AutoHotkey community is known as one of the most helpful community in IT world.

While, during the recent years, AutoIt community try to repel forum support for codes that break intellectual property and have zero tolerance toward helping users with that attitude, it seems that Autohotkey forum community do allow help and support to users with code that break someone's ToS, EULA, captcha, login methodes, antibot rules ...

Object Oriented Programming[edit]

AutoHotkey_L (modern version of AutoHotkey) is object oriented. While old version AutoHotkey Basic is not object oriented.

AutoIt is not object oriented while it does have, Obj/COM management support and reference, and AutoItObject UDF (user defined functions) on support forum.

Code sample[edit]

AU3 (in Func usage)

   $answer = MsgBox(4, "Hi there", "Do you like it?")
   If $answer = 7 Then                                     ;click on button No is 7
   	MsgBox(0, "", "So you like it!!!")

AU3 (in Func usage) Inline simpler code

   If MsgBox(4, "Hi there", "Do you like it?") = 7 Then Return
   MsgBox(0, "", "So you like it!!!")


   MsgBox, 4, Hi there, Do you like it?
   IfMsgBox, No
   ; Otherwise, the user picked yes.
   MsgBox So you like it!!!