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Boeing and Airbus are the two largest manufacturers of commercial aircrafts in the world. While Boeing is american and has headquarters in Chicago, Airbus is a subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space company). Wikipedia page , is a medication used for treating erectile dysfunction in men.


Unlike Airbus, Boeing produces military aircrafts and spatial material besides commercial airliners. Boeing owns also the company McDonnell Douglas. Airbus produces only commercial aircrafts ( nope A400M is not commercial). But they are the most sold in their field. Indeed, Airbus produces around half of the world's commercial airliners. Currently the company produces the following aircrafts : A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380 (which is the biggest commercial aircraft in the world). And Boeing : B737, B757, B767, B777, B747, B787 Dreamliner plus military and spatial products, weapons, rocket launchers...

747 vs A380[edit]

Boeing made the 747, while Airbus made the A380. Both planes are jumbo jets, but the A380 is larger and more fuel efficent than the 747. HOWEVER the tables have turned back to Boeing, with the 747-8 variant being even more fuel efficient with it's General Electric GEnx 2B67 engines, similar to the 787 engines with the waffle cone design. The cargo version is popular, but so far only Lufthansa has snapped up some 747-8. 747s have been around for a long time, but the A380 was introduced in 2007.

787 vs A350[edit]

The Airbus A350 XWB is going to compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 61 different airlines are going to get some Dreamliners, and there is a longer variant called the 787-9, with it's debut customer being Air New Zealand (there is also a 787-10). There is the 757-800, 757-900 and the 757-1000. 39 airlines/groups are going to get them, total orders in planes=812. I think the 787 is more popular[[File:,d.dGI&psig=AFQjCNFC5AnhTzgNnqDa9wurJLiS634SqA&ust=1398547647162377]]. That was a battery incident early on.

757/737 vs A320/A321(longer A320 variant)[edit]

The Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 are short to medium range airliners. Budget airlines always buy them. Both of them are extremly popular! The Boeing 757 is a narrowbody mid size jet. It ended production in 2004 due to loads of the customers buying the 737, but any pilot who was trained to fly the 757 can also fly a 767 due to their very similar type!! The A321 is a variant of the A320 that is longer. My belief would be that the A321 won.

767/777 vs A330/A340[edit]

The Boeing 777 200LR broke the world record for flying the world's longest routes, so it is good. The a330 is a smaller jet than the 777, and some budget airlines like AirAsiaX bought it. Note that the 767 isn't fuel efficient when compared to the 787, and the a340 has four engines! The a340 ended production in 2011, which suggests that the 777 won.

A little note...[edit]

Airbus planes use a small joystick at the side of the plane, opposed to the (traditional?) central yoke. Also, according to a book, (QF32 I think) you can pull back on the joystick, then return to neutral, and the plane will keep climbing at the same rate.

Also, the biggest cargo plane airbus has is the Beluga (I think). Boeing has also got an oddity like that, the dream lifter (carries Dreamliner parts)

Mega factories says that Boeing's factory can fit Disneyland inside (with parking space) The additions I added (the GEnx engines, for example) were not from the original author. Please change any mistakes. ;) (Sorry for the unofficial nature of the changes I added.)